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It’s the 50th Anniversary of Contactivity Centre!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Contactivity Centre. We started off small and informally way back in 1972. Plans are in the works to celebrate our 50th together with food, music, and more. We’ll be sending out an invitation when the dates and details are finalized.

Here’s what you can do in the meantime - send us a one or two sentence answer to one or both of the following questions for a display: Where were you in 1972? What were you doing in 1972? Maybe raising a family or finishing school, busy with your career or travelling the world or even starting a commune? Just short and sweet, for a snapshot view of what we were all up to way back then! Email to or mail it to us.

Contactivity is rebranding! We have updated our logo and changed our general email address to: We have new Contactivity brochures and plenty of interesting specialty Contactivity items. You will soon be able to purchase Contactivity coffee cups, shopping bags, tablet stylus pens, and more so that you can show your pride as a Contactivity member.

Outreach Services

Contactivity's  Outreach Worker (ITMAV Program) can be reached at or by phone at (438) 920-3460 to refer citizens to the resources and/or services available to them.  Many neighbourhoods have their own Outreach Worker. Feel free to ask for their contact details!
Please leave a detailed message/email during business hours.



Contactivity Centre is devoted to the safety, health and well-being of our members.

We are closely monitoring the news related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For that reason, and in accordance with the recommendations of the health minister, we are operating remotely.   Online activities, courses and even tours are held on Zoom. 

Unfortunately, Bingo at Place Kensington is cancelled.  Our services such as, Tele-check, volunteer Home Support (in Westmount) and Outreach Services will remain running.
Please visit our website and/or Facebook page for updates.


Contactivity Centre's Busy Bees

What to do in isolation?  Thank goodness for Crafts!  The Busy Bees are busy knitting, painting and doing other crafts.  Crafts keeps our minds and hands busy!  Here are photos of some of their projects done in isolation.

If you used to knit, paint or any other craft, maybe it is time to pick it up again.  

"Nestled in Westmount,

Open to all"