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Contactivity Centre and Selwyn House School Presents Frosty the Snowman Winter 2023

Dance Balance- Final Performance Summer 2022

Let's give a round of applause to the Dance Balance Group!

Please note, there are a few participants that couldn't attend the final performance. 

Watch the Selwyn House & Contactivity Centre Virtual Choir
sing 'Let It Snow'!

Selwyn and Contactivity send their “L-O-V-E”
February 8th 2021

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Selwyn House Contactivity Choir is releasing their version of “L-O-V-E,” the Nat King Cole hit from 1965. Seventeen singers from Contactivity Centre and Selwyn House School—supported by three instrumentalists and joined by three dancing couples—all contributed to the production. Seniors, staffers and students of all ages join together to prove that love lasts a lifetime.

Contactivity is making waves with its music videos!
Our video even reached MSN News

Contactivity's Emily Rill was interviewed about the big shift to Zoom. Read below!

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Selwyn House and Contactivity Choir Video

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Youtube Video of Flashmob