Contactivity Centre is a registered charity. When you make a donation over $10.00 you will receive an income tax receipt.

Contactivity Centre is a non-profit, registered charity community centre for active seniors. We appreciate all the volunteers' time and positive energy. We welcome and appreciate donations, a tax receipt will be issued.

Please contact us for more information on how to donate.

Phone Number: (514) 932-2326 OR (514) 932-3433


"I was feeling lonely, sad and worried and needed a shoulder to cry on?. I Grabbed my purse and went to Contactivity. All my woes have gone away. Enjoy!"
- Anonymous
"I have always dreaded the day I was going to retire. What am I going to do? Once retired, Contactivity Centre came to my rescue. It offered me a far more interesting life: all kinds of interesting activities, outings, parties, games, lunches, etc. plus beautiful, helpful staff and fantastic friends. I must have done something right in my life to deserve all that. Thank you Contactivity Centre."
- Jane Nounou