Mission Statement

Contactivity Centre’s mission is to facilitate the individual and collective empowerment and well-being of fellow older adults.
We seek to minimize the many forms of exclusion, impoverishment, and isolation of older adults through fostering mutual support, while building connections between older adults and younger generations.
Contactivity allows collaboration so that older adults remain maximally involved in, and positively valued by, the greater Quebec community.  

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated and motivated people who work
hard to provide Contactivity members with fun and meaningful programs.

 Benita Goldin - Executive Director
Noemi Stafford - Administrative Assistant
Andrea Shak - Program Coordinator
Lucas Liberta - Program Leader
Elana Schwartz - Intergenerational Program Leader
Yasmina Al Husseini - Coordinator of Outreach Services

Board of Directors

Tony Wait - President
Maureen Kiely - Secretary
Helene McCormack - Vice President
John Bailey - Treasurer
Rosalind David - Board Member
Susan Szalpeter - Board Member
Sandra Baines - Board Member
Benita Goldin - Executive Director