About Contactivity Centre



Contactivity Centre is a non-profit community centre for active seniors. The Centre is partially funded by Centraide du Grand Montréal, the Quebec Ministry of Health, the City of Westmount, Foundations (Father Dowd, Aetas and Good Samaritan) and generous individual donors.

We provide a welcoming, caring and safe place for autonomous seniors 60+, where a sense of community and social engagement can be fostered. We host various courses and interest groups which encompass the mind, body and soul.

The courses and interest groups are on a semester basis - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. In addition to our programming, "The Centre" is open for drop-ins, unless a course is scheduled in that room. In this room you can borrow a book, purchase low-cost clothing from our boutique, read the Gazette, chat with friends and do much more.

The Centre promotes seniors' optimum mental, emotional and physical health to help develop a sense of autonomy.  We work together to deal with any unavoidable dependencies that may arise with increasing age.

Mission Statement

Facilitate the individual and collective empowerment and well-being of fellow seniors. 

Minimize the many forms of exclusion, impoverishment and isolation of seniors through fostering mutual support and by building connections between seniors and younger generations.

Collaborate so that seniors remain maximally involved in and positively valued by the community and the larger Quebec society.  

Elected Members of the Administrative Council for
Contactivity Centre 2020-2021

John Bailey - President
Tom Thompson - Secretary
Bill Smith - Treasurer
Joyce Blond - Vice-president
Helene McCormack - Board Member
Catherine Lackenbauer - Board Member
Tony Wait - Board member & past President
Kathy Hewitt - Board Member
Maureen Kiely - Board Member
Sandra Baines - Board Member
Vera Burt - Board Member &
Member's Council Rep
Mary Stark - General Manager