Websites for Seniors

The following websites have been created for and by people of retired age. These provide opportunities for recreation, support, exchange of information and ideas, and friendship.  

Fédération de l'âge d'or du Québec

The Seniors' movement of Quebec gathers and represents seniors which require their presence, as well as organizing activities and programmes in response to seniors' needs, in order to reinforce their value and quality of life. 

Portail des Ainees de Quebec

Wow. Comprehensive resource for seniors in Quebec. All-encompassing; lots of activities and things to do (French). 

Réseau d'Information des Aînés et Aînées du Québec [RIAQ]

RIAQ gathers all associations, groups and organizations interested in being accessible to seniors  an important resource.  Information on activities, courses, volunteer opportunities, health and more.

National Council for Aging Care

Their mission is to help seniors live independent, fulfilling lives. According to research, volunteers live longer, due to a culmination of benefits discussed in their guide, "How to Volunteer as a Senior". Click the link below to view the guide.