Story Telling by Selina Eisenberg

 Thursday, October 1st

Deadline to Register: Friday, September 25th

Free for members only 

Storytelling has been with us since the dawn of humankind. Despite the advent of new technologies – from the printing press to radio, film and the modern computer – the oral tradition has remained an integral part of our cultures.  And, in fact, it’s presently enjoying a revival worldwide. Join us as we host two of Montreal’s finest storytellers, Selina Eisenberg and Jane Amro, as they take down fabulous journeys of TALES and take the imagination to places near and far. Selina’s YARN will draw us, with words and voice, up a ladder to where stories unfold. As a storyteller. Jane revels in entertaining her audiences with real-life adventures and episodes from our histories. Occasionally a fantastical fictional tale is thrown in. Both women are active members of the Montreal Storytellers Guild and have been Telling Stories for all ages over many decades.
You have a choice to participate by telephone conferencing or by Zoom video conferencing.