Seniors' Advocacy

A number of groups exist to inform, support, and represent seniors in their interests and rights.  There also exists support available for dealing with complaints about Quebec's health and social services.

NDG Senior Citizens Council

The NDG Senior Citizens' Council is a volunteer based, non-profit community organization with over 25 years' commitment to improving the quality of life of older people in Notre Dame de Grace and Montreal-West. We are dedicated to the respect,valuing and empowerment of seniors and support community projects.

Tel: (514) 487-1311

FADOQ - Fédération de l'âge d'or du Québec

The Seniors' Movement of Quebec gathers and represents seniors before any authority, as well as organizing activities and programmes in response to seniors' needs, in order to reinforce their value and quality of life. 

Tel: 514-271-1411

Portail des Ainees de Quebec

Comprehensive resource for seniors in Quebec. All-encompassing; lots of activities and things to do. (French)

Réseau d'Information des Aînés et Aînées du Québec [RIAQ] 

RIAQ gathers all associations, groups and organizations interested in being accessible to seniors  an important resource.  Information on activities, courses, volunteer opportunities, health and more.

Conseil pour la protection des malades

CPM promotes and defends the rights of the elderly and sick people.

Tel: (514) 861-5922

AQDR - Quebec Association for the Defense of Retired and Pre-Retired Peoples' Rights

This association's mission is to defend the economic, cultural, and social rights of all retired people in order to transform their living conditions.

Tel: 1-877-935-1551