Young at Heart GROOVE 

Young at Heart GROOVE is a dance exercise class for EVERYONE. You can join us seated or standing. We will join together with simple moves to super fun sing-along songs to keep you healthy: mind, body and soul!

We follow 5 GROOVE Truths:

1. No one cares what you look like, and if they do it's their problem, not yours.

2. Your way is the right way! Adjust to make it feel good in your body.

3. No one can do it for you. You are responsible for taking care of yourself and moving your body!

4. We are all unique and should look different!

5. You won't know until you try! Come see what it is all about!  

Your device must have functional speakers, a microphone and a webcamera.

For any of our exercise classes, your camera must be on throughout the class. 

If you live alone, please keep your door unlocked for the duration of the fitness class.

Instructor: Diane Dupris   

Wednesday September 22nd