Home Safety and Assistive Devices

Age can sometimes bring with it increasing challenges in carrying out the activities of daily life.  Assistive and adaptive aids help compensate for changes in mobility, vision, hearing, chronic medical conditions and disabilities.  By using aids that range from simple kitchen gadgets to high technology, Seniors can maintain or enhance their independence and safety. 

The following links give information about the selection and use of assistive devices, as well as some helpful hints about home safety for autonomous seniors.  

Go For It

A guide to choosing and using assistive devices published by the Government of Canada.

Division of Aging and Seniors

Several publications with regards to assistive devices and home safety.

Health Canada - Assistive Devices

Provides information regarding assistive devices

CHIP/CAPA (Communicaid for Hearing Impaired Persons)

This Montreal-based non-profit volunteer organization provides support, workshops, events for hearing-impaired people

Tel: (514) 488-5552 local 4500

Quebec Office of Handicapped Persons  (Q. O. H. P.)

The Q.O.H.P. currently provides some funding for some rehabilitative and adaptive aids. 

Tel: (514) 873-3905

Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence HASI - Quebec

The Home Adaptation for Seniors' Independence (HASI) Program grants financial assistance to low-income seniors aged 65 or over to help them make minor adaptations to their homes or apartment

Residential Adaptation Assistance Program RAAP - Quebec

The RAAP is intended to help people with disabilities cover the cost of work needed to adapt their homes and make them accessible.

Tetra Society

A volunteer-based organisation specialising in the custom design of individualised assistive devices, based in BC.  Look here for inspiring ideas and help.

Canadian Assistive Technology

Formerly named the Aroga Group, the Vancouver-based Canadian Assistive Technology group provides assistive and adaptive technology, including blindness products, low vision products, communication aids, learning disability software and devices, and computer access components.

Ontario Caregiver Coalition

This group offers support for family caregivers

Les Centres Masliah

Company that provides consultations and assistance with hearing issues in Quebec