New Healthy Aging Series (Hybrid)

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Monday January 8
Family Medicine 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Avi Whiteman

Dr. Whiteman’s presentation will touch on a variety of topics including medication, vaccines, regular screenings, fitness, and other issues important to managing your health as you age.

Monday January 29
Bone Density 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Kerstin Liedmann 

Dr. Tiedemann will discuss ways to build and maintain healthy bone density.

Monday February 5
Dementia Care
Guest Speaker: Dr. Serge Gauthier and Claire Webster 

Dr. Gauthier will provide information on different types of neurocognitive disorders. He will discuss the associated behavioural and psychological symptoms that manifest as the disease progresses. Ms. Claire Webster will share practical advice on how to care for a person living with dementia.

Monday February 19
Guest Speaker: Dr. Justine Clark 

Justine Clark will explain how to maintain proper foot health. She will discuss a variety of possible foot issues that may arise and what you should do if you encounter these symptoms.