Health and Social Service Complaints

To assist in people's complaints regarding Quebec's health and social services, a Center to Assist and Guide Users with Complaints has been designated in each region of Quebec. Please see the following list from Santé Québec.  The Centre's role is to help the service user throughout the complaint process.

The Health and Social Services Network Complaint Examination System - Santé Québec

An in-depth explanation from Santé Québec of how to proceed with complaints.

Health and Social Services Ombudsman

This is the first step in filing a complaint. The Health and Social Services Ombudsman examines complaints about institutions or regional boards to ensure that the rights of its users are respected.

Québec Ombudsman

You may also file a complaint with the Québec Ombudsman if you feel you have been wrongfully treated by a department or agency of the Québec government. This page tells you how and where to file your complaint.


If the results from this action are not satisfactory, it is also possible to go to the Protecteur des Usagers.