Free Sample Class Online Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Online Tai Chi and Chi Kung:

Fridays, 10:00-11:00

September 15
Instructor: Colin Young   

Cost: FREE for members           

Tai Chi and Chi Kung is the synergy between sequences of movements and the awareness and mindfulness of the energy of circulation behind them. It’s faster than one usually associates withTai Chi but senior-friendly. Colin Young has 20 years experience teaching both Tai Chi and Chi Kung. He will guide you through the practices of balance, coordination, breathing and circulation of energy exercises. The techniques and movements will be limited to easy-to-follow short sequences.

“There has been immense benefit for me in taking them this past spring and summer, both during the classes themselves and in regular practice of things the instructor makes easy to grasp and to remember. Colin is extremely skilled in making the content relevant to seniors and the mobility and other challenges we older folk are likely to face, keeping the movements at a level that is doable yet challenging enough to lead to improved balance, flexibility and strength. His cheerful, encouraging manner makes him in fact an ideal teacher and he manifestly cares about each and every participant, adjusting content for our individual needs.”

- Carolyn Cronk