Intergenerational Death Cafe and Art Workshop

With Contactivity Centre and Explorations

Do you have an interest in talking about death, but no one to talk about it with? Are you artistic? Then this event might be for you! Don’t be put off by its macabre name. Death cafe is just a conversation about a subject that is usually taboo in our society: Death! Although it occupies all of us in some form or another at various points in life, we are often afraid to talk openly about it. At Death Cafe, we meet together, simply as people who are someday going to die, to have a conversation about it. 

This time, we’re partnering with Kells Academy School and Explorations to host an intergenerational Death Cafe and art workshop. We’ll be joined by students from an art class to share our experiences of death and make art based on those discussions. Part conversation, part creative expression, we’re inviting the participants to draw, paint, or write things inspired by the discussion that unfolds. So come share your perspectives, and share your art with a group of young people! 

Death Cafe is always a group directed discussion, meaning there is no agenda, objective, religious leanings, or themes. You are free to bring up anything you’d like to talk about relating to death. Don't worry, the conversation isn't gloomy! We find that although we're talking about death, we end up chatting and often laughing about things like: how we'd like to be remembered, how we'd like to affirm life before we die, how grandad waved at us with his toes right before he died, and everything in between!

When: Join us on Thursday, April 8th from 1:40-3:00 pm

 How: The Cafe will take place on zoom, however, if you’ve never used zoom, you can still participate by calling in on your phone. 

Sign up by calling David at 438-699-9927, emailing him at, or directly through our website at


About Explorations: 

Explorations was founded in 1981 by a group of McGill University Professors. Founding goals included research on “giftedness,” the development of a model program and a general support for teacher education – a camp which engaged children in a rich learning environment and where learning and fun were synonymous. Activities continue to be led by certified teachers who are specialists in the fields of mathematics, fine arts, technology and media, science, music, physical education, environmental studies and early childhood education. The camp also engages local senior High School and College students who participate as Camp Assistants. Many are former Explorations campers.


About the Facilitator: David Robinson is a community worker for Contactivity, and a trained Death Cafe facilitator and workshop animator.

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