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Don't be put off by it's macabre name! Death cafe is just a conversation about a subject that is usually taboo in our society. Although it occupies all of us in some form or another at various points in life, we are often afraid to talk openly about it. At Death Cafe, we meet together, simply to talk about death and dying.
Death Cafe is always a group directed discussion, meaning there is no agenda, objective, religious leanings, or themes. You are free to bring up anything you’d like to talk about relating to death. Don't worry, the conversation isn't gloomy! We find that although we're talking about death, we end up having a fun chat about everything from how we'd like to be remembered, to how we'd like to affirm life before we die, and lots more in between!
Our Community Worker, David Robinson, is a trained Death Cafe facilitator and will be hosting two cafes on Monday, October 5th and Monday, November 2nd from 4-6pm. You can participate in these cafes either via Zoom, or over the phone.

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