CLSCs (Centres Locales de Services Communautaire) are government-run community health clinics.  They are presently in the process of being restructured in a provincial adjustment of health and social  services, and will soon be part of new entities called "Instances Locales", which include hospitals and community clinics

The local CLSC is an excellent place to begin when looking for health and social services in Quebec.  CLSC staff will evaluate your individual or family needs and should be able to provide the services you require.  They may also refer you to the center, agency, or community group most able to help you.  Services are free of charge and are available to persons of all ages upon presentation of a Quebec Medicare Card. 

You can also call your local CLSC Health Line (Info Santé), day or night if you need advice or reassurance about a medical condition, oreven for a social or family problem. In more urgent cases, please call 911.

Please see below for phone listings by neighbourhood.

CLSC Listings By Neighbourhood:

The phone numbers listed are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ahunstic: (514) 384-2000

Bordeaux-Cartierville: (514) 331-2572

Chateauguay: (450) 699-3333

Des Faubourgs: (514) 527-2361

Des Milles-Isles: (450) 661-2572

Marigot: (450) 668-1803

Plateau Mont-Royal: (514) 521-7663

Dorval/Lachine: (514) 639-0650

Lac-Saint-Louis: (514) 697-4110

La Petite Patrie: (514) 273-4508

LaSalle: (514) 364-2572

Longueuil-East: (450) 463-2850

Longueuil-West: (514) 651-9830

Mercier-East Anjou: (514) 356-2572

Metro (Downtown): (514) 934-0354

Montreal North: (514) 384-2000

NDG/Montreal West:: (514) 484-7878

Rene-Cassin: (514) 488-9163

Park Extension: (514) 273-9591

Pointe-Claire: (514) 626-2572

Rosemont: (514) 524-3541

St-Henri: (514) 933-7541

St-Laurent: (514) 748-6381

Samuel-de-Champlain: (450) 445-4452

Verdun: (514) 766-0546