If you are a senior living in the Westmount area and would like help with the grocery run, a visit to the bank, a chore or two around the house, or just a friendly chat, we've got you covered! Our trained volunteers are able to help with a variety of tasks during a 2 hour visit every week. We offer the following services:

Friendly Visits

A volunteer will meet with you at your home to help out with something that needs doing around the house, cooking a meal, shovel the drive, or just chat over a cup of tea for a while.

Grocery Store or Bank Run

If you're having trouble with the groceries every week, a volunteer will either accompany you on your grocery run, or take a bag and do it for you. They can also accompany you to the bank. 

To access any of these services, either drop by the center, call us on 514-932-2326, or send us an email at contactivity@bellnet.ca and we'll be happy to help!