Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

he following links lead to extensive long-term care facility and assisted residential listings.  

Note: "CHSLD" (Centre hospitalier de soins longue durée) is an abbreviation commonly used to refer to long-term care facilities associated with the public healthcare system.

Institut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal

Montreal-specific long-term care and housing information 

Regroupement québecois des residences pour aînés (ARCPQ)

Advocacy and information about private residences and long-term care facilities in Quebec (French only).

Residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD) 

The mission of a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD) is to offer services, on a temporary or permanent basis, to adults, particularly elderly persons, who, by reason of loss of functional or psychosocial autonomy, can no longer live in their natural environment .  There are 44 CHSLDs inMontreal, 33 of which are private. They provide: lodging, assistance, support or supervision services; psychosocial services; nursing care; pharmaceutical, medical and rehabilitation services.