Yin/Yang Physiology in Everyday Life

Jenni Lee

Thursday, February 4 

Deadline to Register: Friday, January 21, 2021

The Taichi (yin/yang) symbol has been idolized for centuries to represent balance, opposition, integration and Oneness. These past few months have been an opportunity for the world to either stop, slow down, move online or remain present on the frontline. This talk will look at how various cycles, rhythms and systems impact our physiology through thoughts, emotions, experiences, hormones, feedback systems, and ultimately our health and well-being. Teaching for most of her adult life, and transferring the inspiration she gained from former teachers, mentors and grandmothers, Jenni has been practising many forms of body and energy work for over 20 years. Come, listen and take away some of Jenni’s self-care tools for daily practices of health and wholeness.


You have a choice to participate by teleconference (dial in by phone) or join by Zoom video conferencing.