Volunteer Services

Interested in volunteering? Contactivity Centre provides various opportunities for anyone who is both passionate and compassionate. If you want to use your skills or lending a hand and have free time, then you've found the right place! People in the community can really use your generosity and spirit of giving back. 

Volunteers can help seniors with activities such as:  grocery shopping, trips to medical appointments, friendly visits, in-house special events and more. For more information please call us 514-932-2326.

*A routine police background check is part of the volunteer screening.

Student Volunteering

We welcome student volunteers who want to gain experience working with seniors in the community. The Centre assists students with internships from University and Colleges.  We are open and happy to provide students with opportunities.

* A routine police background check is part of the volunteer screening.

Benefits of Volunteering

Here are some great reasons why people volunteer. WE bet at least one will apply to you!

Imagine Canada’s Volunteering in Canada, offers some insight into the reasons why:

To make a contribution to the community - 93%

To use their skills and experiences - 78%

Personally affected by the organization’s cause - 59%

To explore one’s own strengths - 48%

To network with or meet people - 46%

Because their friends volunteer - 48%

To improve job opportunities - 22%

To fulfill religious obligations or beliefs - 21%

 If you are looking for a way to help in the senior community, we’d like to help you find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Contact us at 514-932-2326