Virtual Tour to Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been a center for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam stretching back more than 3 millennia. On this virtual tour, we will visit the Four Quarters of the Old City. After entering through Jaffa Gate we will walk past the Armenian Quarter and into the Jewish Quarter and down to the Western Wall. We will ascend the Temple Mount and walk through the markets and alleyways of the Muslim and Christian Quarters, as well as checking out the holy sites along our route. We may even get to take a peek into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher! Along the way, Our guide Amy will share stories of the people who live there and talk about the complicated and nuanced relationships among all of the people that live in this unique city.

Thursday, May 20th ,  1:30-2:30 PM
Free for Members
Deadline to Register: May 6th by noon

You have a choice to participate by teleconference (dial in by phone) or join by Zoom video conferencing.