Online Breath and Mindfulnesswith Sara Gallagher

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30 -10:00  

September 20th – December 1st           11 weeks
Instructor: Sara Gallagher 

Cost: $46 Mem / $68 Non-Mem.   

Deadline to register: September 9th by noon


Use your imagination as Sara guides us through breathing and creative thinking while connecting with yourself and others. Pranayama is a practice of bringing our attention to our breath, to strengthen our body, to nourish our minds and to bring balance to our hormones! Prana is the energy, minerals, ions and space dust referred to loosely as our life force, which we filter in through breathing! The amount of prana we have inside our body is related to our overall vitality. Imagine your body as a house for your soul.


About the Instructor: Sara is a lifelong student and teacher of the yogic sciences! She has been teaching these practices for 20 years in Montreal and around the world! You may have seen Sara at NDG MODO YOGA. Sara is passionate about living her best life and inspiring others to live theirs!

She is the owner of Morpho-Blue Yoga.