Mindful Nourishment: Laughter Fitness
NEW and FREE for ALL!

Three Thursday Afternoons

- Thursday, November 19th from 1:30-2:30   Deadline to register: Friday, November 13th

- Thursday, November 26th from 1:30-2:30   Deadline to register: Friday, November 20th

- Thursday, December 3rd   from 1:30-2:30   Deadline to register: Friday, November 27th

Laughter Yoga/Therapy is a unique, simple and fun exercise designed to make you laugh heartily, and to your heart’s content. Laughing on command can be difficult at first as we break out of our shells, but during these sessions, we learn to release the judges that sit perched on our shoulders and allow ourselves to be less serious and way more playful – you know, the way it really should be IN LIFE! In the process, we discover (or rediscover) our smile, our breath, and our joyful selves. During these sessions, laughter is interspersed with information about the plethora of benefits to be gained from it, and how to use laughter as a health and wellness tool every day. I’m sure you’ll agree that laughter is so needed, especially right now! And we are fortunate, because the contagious nature of laughter makes it a perfect activity to do online. We connect in a profound way, no matter what your age, background or physical ability.
Our facilitator Wendy Singer, a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher has witnessed the healing benefits of laughter on herself, and countless other Laughletes, and is eager to share the simple yet profound power of laughter with anyone who is willing to give it a try. Treat yourself this fall to some unique health breaks, bringing more joy into your life, using laughter as a coping tool.
You have a choice to participate by telephone conferencing or by Zoom video conferencing.

Class is full!

If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email: registration@contactivitycentre.org