Inner Beauty Shining Outward

Annie Young 

Thursday, January 28

Deadline to Register: Friday, January 8, 2021

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Need a pick-me-upper!  Want a pampering moment!   Montreal has some unique Avante-garde motivators and entrepreneurs. Annie Young, founder and co-owner of Annie Young Spa in Westmount will share her practice secrets with us. A caring, empathic and amazingly inspirational young widow with a passion for looking and feeling well and her best, Annie found herself 40 years ago needing to support her young family. Motivated and passionately driven, Annie launched her make-up line from her home in Laval, branched out into cosmetic counters in some of Montreal’s 5-star establishments and now houses one of Montreal’s exclusive body and wellness centres located in our very own Westmount neighbourhood on Victoria Avenue. Annie’s extensive

world-renowned accumulation of aesthetic insight based on INNER BEAUTY SHINING OUTWARD TO THE UNIVERSE will be the topic she addresses with our members as she explores doable daily health and beauty routines during this pandemic.  Come learn the secrets of not only looking good at your ZOOM family get-togethers but what to do to maintain great health and wellness for post-pandemic IN PERSON Gatherings!  A live demonstration will be part of Annie’s presentation as she talks to us in her Annie-style, just as if we were with her in her spa all getting ready to go out!  This woman, who looks and acts like she is still 30, will wow you with her sharing, generosity and kind demeanor. 


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