French Conversation - Intermediate level (Online)

Fridays, 10:30-11:30

September 29 - December 1 (10 weeks)

Instructor: Ashod Alemian         

Cost: $42 Mem / $50 Non-Mem

I understand French better than I speak. I can follow most of a conversation on familiar subjects. I am afraid of making some mistakes. 

This course will help you be more confident to converse in French by improving your vocabulary covering different topics of everyday life: habits, health, hobbies, diet & cooking, etc.  over some grammar, use the two important past tenses as well as go over prepositions of time and location, use the proper negation, and make comparisons. We will also work on the structure of sentences and questions, practice some easy role plays, translate some short common expressions and go over some usual mistakes.

The focus will be on some grammar, two past tenses, prepositions, negation, and sentence structure. Join us for an informal program to improve your everyday french.