Caregiver Support

As North American lifespans increase and funding for health and social services diminishes, Canadians are increasingly finding themselves responsible for the care of senior family members, spouses and friends. This section includes resources on how to care for yourself as a caregiver. It addresses the mental, emotional, social and practical needs of caregivers. Often it is necessary to reach out for help and address the signs of stress and burnout that caregiving imposes.  People are often isolated in the caregiving experience, but there are many resources, ideas, and tricks available to help you through.


Institut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal

4565 Queen-Mary, Montréal (QC) H3W 1W5

Tél: (514) 340-2800


St. Elizabeth Health Care Foundation eLibrary

Click on "Caring for Caregivers";  A number of excellent reading materials are available online in addition to links to other sites.  

Canadian Caregiver Coalition

A support and advocacy group for Canadian caregivers.

Ontario Caregiver Coalition

Look in the Care for the Caregiver section for caregiver resources



Booklets and multiple links to associations, foundations etc.  

The Caregivers Handbook

Caregivers, other family members, and care receivers will find resources and answers to questions useful in improving the quality of life for all concerned.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Comprehensive caregiving advice, fact sheets for caregivers and researchers, discussion groups, newsletters, care in the home, financial management, etc. (U.S. site)