Birdwatching Workshops

The Contactivity Centre invites everyone to participate in a Wednesday afternoon series of 4 webinars in October featuring various aspects of birdwatching. Topics include “An Introduction to Birdwatching and your first 20 species”, “Attracting and Feeding Birds - Installing and caring for bird feeders”, “Observing Winter Birds in Quebec and “Preparing for the 2021 Spring Bird Migration”.  
About The Presenter
The presenter, Sheldon Harvey, has been an avid birder for close to 20 years and has observed over 300 species of birds, all within a 100-kilometer radius of the city of Montreal. He is a Past President, current Vice-President and Treasurer, and Chair of the Outreach and Publicity Committee and the Field Trip Committee of Bird Protection Quebec, Quebec's oldest birding and conservation organization, having celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. Mr. Harvey conducts regular birdwatching courses with the Student Society of McGill University and the ENCORE Seniors Group. He also presents birdwatching lectures to students, seniors, special interest groups and others throughout Quebec and has developed and introduced a birdwatching and conservation project at a number of schools throughout the province.
Sheldon Harvey Contact Info: TEL: 450-462-1459       E-Mail:
It is required that your device have functional speakers, microphone, and camera.  

 Wednesdays: October 7, October 14, October 21 & October 28
Time: 2:00-3:00
Members Only
Deadline to Register: September 23rd