Online :A Journey of Awakening and the Alchemy of Love by Author, Lianne Bridges

Thursday, April 14th from 1:30-2:30 pm
Deadline to register: April 8th by noon

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How powerful is love? Can our greatest loss reveal our true life purpose? How can we transform our pain to better ourselves and serve the world? Love Will Keep Us Alive, by change leader and international speaker, Lianne Bridges takes us through her personal challenges of losing the love of her

life but reconnecting with love and finding her own new path. Her world was shattered at forty-six when she lost her husband and was left to raise two young boys. Her profound grief prompted her to rethink her entire life and embark on a healing journey of self-discovery. Her profound awakening began when she returned with her boys to Bali, the magical place of Bob and Lianne’s nuptials. This was the beginning of her profound awakening. If you love romance, raw vulnerability, passion and soul conversations, you will love this book and won’t want to miss Lianne’s talk!